Norwich Sheringham

Norwich Sheringham

Norwich Sheringham

Norwich and Sheringham are the two important town situated at the Norfolk county. These two towns are connected by railway line. The route between Norwich and Sheringham is recognized as one of the most beautiful path in the Norfolk region where one could see the most scenic landscapes and the journey is quite worth taking.


This city is the most important historical place in the Norfolk region. It is the liveliest regional capital of the Norfolk County. Lying at the center of East Anglia area, you will be amaze to find some of the most stunning heritage, lively nightlife, shopping malls and beautiful vista surrounding the place.

One of the most magnifying views is the old cathedrals and castles. This 12th century old Castle is one of the finest structures in Europe. Today it is kept as the Norfolk region’s main museum and it is filled with the region’s precious treasures. The famous 20th century St. John’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is one of the most eye catching old building standing grandly on the Grapes Hill.

Termed as a truly medieval city, this place has attractive clutters of medieval streets, alleys and lanes. You will find a lot of attractive local stores, the most well-known Elm Hill with its traditional timbered framed rows of houses, within the ancient lanes. Apart from that there are about 30 medieval churches in the city.

Even though it is a rural area, the place will give you a feel of a true cosmopolitan. This place is one of UK’s favorable shopping destinations. It has an ancient market area which was set up between 1071 and 1074 by the Normans. Today it is one of the biggest Open air markets in UK.


Situated at the northern costal side of the Norfolk County, this place has one of the most breathtaking scenarios in the whole world. As many of the Norfolk towns, this name is also a Scandinavian origin which means ‘home of the Scira’s people’. It is also one of the most popular Coastal and countryside destination chosen by many travelers. Its award winning beaches has been the pride of the local people there.

There are great many beautiful towns, old churches, villages that you can venture out. You will find a lot more to see in this town. If you visit during the high summers, you will find the streets of Sheringham filled with bustled colorful people. In the main streets, you will come upon ample numbers of alleys leading towards hidden pubs and local shops.

In the city, there is the world renowned bird reserve of Cley, a Special Scientific interest (SSC) site. This is a see much for the birdwatchers. A few miles along the western coast is the Muckleburgh Collection, which has Britain’s largest military working equipments.

If you want to see the finest garden designs archetype of Humphry Repton then you can definitely go to Sheringham Park. The scene will offer you one of the most attractive views of woodlands with miles of countryside paths along the way. In spring time there is a striking display of floral attribute.

Of all this magical views, one of the main attractions in Sheringham is the North Norfolk Railway and of course the Sheringham station. The lively colored trains and the station building there give out a magnificent aura itself.

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