Norfolk Sailing Experience Day Review

Norfolk Sailing Experience Day Review

This review was written by Jason Gibson, who enjoyed his Norfolk sailing experience so much, he wanted to share his story.

Norfolk SailingMy wife and I have always wanted to sail. When we first met, over 30 years ago, we both agreed that one day, we would take to the seas, but it never happened. Until now. It was our retirement that gave us the wake call (and time) that made us both decide that it was either now, or never, that we embark upon our lifelong ambition and start sailing.

Instead of going full steam ahead, Sally sensibly decided to book us a sailing experience day in our home town of Norfolk. This was because, although we have always wanted to sail, we have never done it and neither of us were certain that we would take to it. Week long courses are very expensive, so she thought a day would be sufficient, so see if we enjoyed it or not. The cost for the one day of sailing was very reasonable, considering you get one-on-one tuition from a highly qualified and experienced instructor. It also included tea and coffee upon our arrival, mainly so we could meet our skipper and lunch was also thrown in.

The lesson took place on the Norfolk Broads in a 24 foot boat. Neil – our instructor – started off with a through safety briefing and ran through the boat and its masts. He was really approachable and friendly, and you could see how passionate he is about sailing. I was really pleased that we had landed an instructor, who wanted us to learn and was happy to be patient with us. He taught us some of the sailing terminology and how to helm and rig a sailing boat. It took me a couple of attempts to get it right, but of course Sally was also a swot, she got it first time!

The whole day was very “hands on” and we both felt that we got a lot out of our tuition. I think we made the right decision doing a day’s experience, before committing to a full course, but we have both agreed that we are hooked now. Sally and I feel far more confident now as we have a better understanding of the rules on the water, the on board equipment and we even got to practise a few knots, when on board. Taking the wheel o board, when out on the water, was amazing. It felt so natural to me and Sally said she felt the same way. Also, being outside for so long, means you get to see some beautiful landscape and really make the most of the good weather we are having at the moment.

We were very impressed with the sailing experience day because we thought it was good value for money. Neil was so friendly and knowledgeable and really made us feel like we were naturals. We have now decided to book onto a proper sailing course, so we can gain more skills. Sally has even started to look at buying our own boat, as Neil was so inspirational and was able to give us tips about what to look for when boat shopping. I would highly recommend looking into experience days for anyone who’s always had a yearning to sail, surf, fly or whatever.

And if you have always dreamed of sailing like we did, then it is a definite must, but I can also imagine it being a fun day out for people who don’t have a yearning to sail.

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