Norfolk Kings Lynn

Norfolk Kings Lynn

Norfolk Kings Lynn

King’s Lynn is a medieval port located on the east bank of the Great Ouse River in Norfolk County, close to the Wash. The town is known by various names like Bishop’s Lynn, Lynn Regis but the locals generally referred the town as Lynn meaning a pool. Kings Lynn is a historical place in the Norfolk region which has an endless list of places to visit to.

History of the place

Basically the town was named as the Bishop’s Lynn as the area belonged to a bishop. The record of the place started appearing only after when St Margaret’s Church was founded by Bishop Herbert de Losinga in1101.

It became one of the major ports in England by the 14th century where the export of wool was one of the important trades then.

In the 16th century the town was completely control by the king and the town then became the King’s Lynn. The town prospered more from the 17th century with the export of corns. An architect named Henry Bell, once a mayor of King’s Lynn built the famous Custom House in 1683. He was also the brain behind Dukes Head Inn.

By 19th century there was a lot of improvement in the town, but like all towns of England King’s Lynn was struck from the dreadful plague. Later after the outbreak of the plague the town maintained a hygienic public water supply and a network of proper sewers.

By now King’s Lynn has become one of the most densely populated towns in England. It is the member of the Die Hanse of Great Britain, a modern Hanseatic League.


There are two major festivals held in summer, King’s Lynn festival and Festival Too. Festival Too is the third largest free musical festivals held in Europe. This is a mecca for most music enthusiast and it has attracted many crowds into its hive. Past performers include many famous music artists. King’s Lynn festival is basically for classical music lovers. The festival is held in many historical venues of the town and being a genre of the classical music this festival draws big names from the opera to the orchestras. Apart from these two festivals, there are also many fests on literature and poetry. The famous Guildhall held many events and it is believe that the great company belonging to Shakespeare may have staged their plays there.

The Mart which is a carnival is set up in the Tuesday Market Place for a fortnight every St Valentine’s Day. This Mart attracts many visitors each year.

If you want to see some of historical buildings in King’s Lynn, then you can visit on the Heritage day. This is the day when the historical buildings are open for the public which is of course a rare chance.


Being one of the important ports in UK, King’s Lynn has a blooming business in fishery and seafood industry. Old industries died to welcome new kind of industries in the region. The new industries that swelled up in the region include light engineering, chemicals and clothing. Tourism is also one of the important attractions there.

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