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Norfolk Cottages

Norfolk Holidays

Norfolk has developed into a major tourist attraction in Britain. The Broads attract nearly a million tourists each year. The tourists mainly enjoy sailing in the waterways that are rather enchanting. The unique wildlife and the beautiful gardens at the broads make it a truly versatile place that is suitable for a perfect holiday.

The gardens at the broads are especially popular with families. Besides, there are so many activities that one could choose from while holidaying at the broads. The best part of about the Norfolk Broads is that you are free to choose whatever it is that you want to do. The 125 miles of waterways provide for enough freedom to explore. You could not only enjoy freedom and privacy but also choose to explore the villages, and the markets that are located in the Broads.

Things to do on your Norfolk Holiday

Boating is one of the most popular activities with the tourists who visit the Norfolk Broads. If you on a Norfolk holiday, you mustn’t miss a chance to go boating. When you go boating, you could enjoy in a small motor boat or even hire a yacht that features 12 berths. You could hire the yacht for as long as a week. Apart from this you could also learn how to manoeuver the Canadian canoe at the Norfolk boats.

Apart from boating, you could also enjoy walking in the swampy woodlands of the broads, or you could enjoy cycling along the pathways. Fishing and bird watching are also some popular activities that you could indulge in. You could also enjoy windsurfing and painting on your Norfolk holidays.

Tourist Attraction to Visit on Your Norfolk Holiday

The windmills that are located at the Broads are magnificent both in size and form. Then, there is the steam train in which you could enjoy a leisurely trip. The Horsey Windpump is a windmill that is 4 storey high. It is made from red brick and attracts several tourists each year. From the top of the windmill, you could enjoy some enchanting views of the water. Besides, there are refreshments that are served at the windmill.

You could also visit the RAF air museum that features several of the radars that have been and are used by the Royal Air Force.

The Museum of Broads is a museum that is located by the waterside. Here you could come face to face with the incredible stories of the people of Norfolk. The museum houses displays of eel catching, rope making, thatching and the boats that were used by people earlier.

If you are looking for some more adventure, you could visit the Bewilderwood, which a place full of tree houses, jungle bridges, and zip wires. Here you could enjoy boat trips and walking in the marsh. The place is especially popular with kids.

There are several other places that you could visit when you are on a Norfolk holiday. These include several of the gardens and farmhouses.

A Norfolk holiday assures to provide you a great break from your routine. Besides, with the Norfolk Broad authority being so active and helpful, you are sure to have a refreshing Norfolk holiday.

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