Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth

The Norfolk County, England is famous for its tourist spots. Every year, this place is flooded with tourists all over the world. It is a coastal area which is dotted with enchanting beauty of nature. Apart from the crystal clear water of sea and magnificent beaches, it holds large number of natural secrets. The city of Norwich in Norfolk County too is known for its tourist attractions. However, the most well known place in this county is the Great Yarmouth.

What is Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth or Yarmouth is a coastal town in the Norfolk county. The place got its name after the River Yare, which originates in this town. Great Yarmouth is a famous since 1760 as the seaside resort. The place is also known for being the gateway to the sea from Norfolk Broads. From the historical times, this place is utilized as a fishing port. Currently it is serving the offshore rigs of oil.

Great Yarmouth is famous for two walkways and one magnificent beach. The town appears like a spit which is sandwiched between River Yare and North Sea.

Famous tourists spots in this town

As mentioned above, Great Yarmouth is flooded with number of tourist attraction. This place is visited by the nature lovers, sports lovers and tourist coming for leisure. These are famous tourists’ spots in Great Yarmouth.

Enchanting beaches: As the town is situated in the coastal area, it is obvious to have magical beaches out here. This is an ideal place to get rid of the busy and hectic schedule. People come here to soak their bodies into sun rays and to breathe the refreshing sea air. En can enjoy the vacation by swimming in the sea water and doing water surfing. The old and disabled people can also experience the charming beauty of these beaches. There are special wheel chairs designed for these people to roam around the beaches.

Visit the theme park: Great Yarmouth hosts Britain’s very own and original theme park. All the family members of every age can enjoy their time in this place. One can experience the exciting ride on landaus which is drawn by many horses. Apart from these rides, one can visit the typical village of the Norfolk County. This is not the real village, but a model village where one can see the aspects of a typical historical village.

Racing: The residents of Great Yarmouth are complete sports loving people. One can get the thrilling experience of horse, stockcar and greyhound racing. Horse racing is the biggest even in this town. Its advertisement flashes in all over the town and on the internet. This is one of the few places in the world where the horse racing takes place besides the sea shore. One can see the unique greyhound racing in this town.

Shopping: The shopping freaks also get their share of enjoyment in this town. Great Yarmouth holds a wide array of shops selling almost every item. The shopping freaks can quench their thirst for shopping at the open air markets or high end shopping malls.

The place is thus full of attractions and entertaining stuff. One can spend a memorable holiday in Great Yarmouth.

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