Low carbon environmental social housing projects

Norfolk to be part of an environmental housing project

87 social housing projects have been put in place across the UK, including Norfolk.

The effectiveness of a range of innovative new low carbon technologies, many of which have been developed by SMEs, are to be tested in 87 social housing projects across the UK, to make them carbon neutral.


The project – which is backed by Government funding – is being delivered through the Technology Strategy Board’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), a procurement scheme to encourage all businesses, but particularly SMEs, to engage with government departments and be prepared for future government procurement policy.

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According to project manager at the SBRI, 63 per cent of the social landlords, architects and construction companies selected for the project are SMEs – as are many of the suppliers they have chosen to work with.

One of these suppliers is a micro-company with just five employees, Wattbox Ltd, which has been enabled by the project to launch its intelligent heating system that constantly learns the residents’ living patterns and ensures hot water and heating programmes match the occupant’s lifestyle.

The Watt box will be installed in around 20 of the 87 sites, including The Norfolk project,  where the Science and Innovation Minister will officially launch the project later this morning.

The retrofit of several houses in Norfolk is the project of social landlord The Hyde Group, whose award-winning Retrofit and Replicate project in Nottingham achieved an 80 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions.

ECD Architects have planned what technology will be used in the property and Mears Group will be responsible for installing it.

Norfolk  project uses innovative new technologies

A particular challenge for the Norfolk properties is that it is in a conservation area.

Pioneering vacuum glazing, which reduces heat loss without the need for thick, air-filled double glazing, is one of the ways the project will reconcile the competing claims of conservation and carbon reduction.

Key features

Using innovative natural materials to help control moisture levels and heat recovery in high-temperature areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The insulation aspect of the projects involved insulating several lofts using sustainable materials to ensure every aspect of the project was as eco-friendly as possible.

Many of the homes had flat EPDM (rubber) roofing installed.

This is because not only because rubber is a widely recycled material, but because of its durability qualities, with a 50-year usage guarantee.

There will also be an air-tightness strategy, which will see existing vents and chimneys blocked, floors and ceilings insulated, and walls coated with modified plaster.

The Norfolk project, along with the 86 others, will each receive £150,000 to demonstrate deep cuts in carbon emissions and exemplary energy-efficient measures.

The performance of each demonstrator house will be evaluated by the Energy Saving Trust for at least two years.

“Retrofit for the Future provides the testbeds we need to ensure the development of long-term, mass solutions.

The Head of SBRI added that big problems like making the existing housing stock carbon-neutral, needed breakthrough solutions and that SMEs, particularly start-ups, are often best placed to deliver the innovative solutions required.

It was up to the SBRI, he said, to give such companies access to government departments and contracts, through initiatives like Retrofit for the Future.

More on whats going on in Norfolk.

Norwich Sheringham

Norwich Sheringham

Norwich Sheringham

Norwich and Sheringham are the two important town situated at the Norfolk county. These two towns are connected by railway line. The route between Norwich and Sheringham is recognized as one of the most beautiful path in the Norfolk region where one could see the most scenic landscapes and the journey is quite worth taking.


This city is the most important historical place in the Norfolk region. It is the liveliest regional capital of the Norfolk County. Lying at the center of East Anglia area, you will be amaze to find some of the most stunning heritage, lively nightlife, shopping malls and beautiful vista surrounding the place.

One of the most magnifying views is the old cathedrals and castles. This 12th century old Castle is one of the finest structures in Europe. Today it is kept as the Norfolk region’s main museum and it is filled with the region’s precious treasures. The famous 20th century St. John’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is one of the most eye catching old building standing grandly on the Grapes Hill.

Termed as a truly medieval city, this place has attractive clutters of medieval streets, alleys and lanes. You will find a lot of attractive local stores, the most well-known Elm Hill with its traditional timbered framed rows of houses, within the ancient lanes. Apart from that there are about 30 medieval churches in the city.

Even though it is a rural area, the place will give you a feel of a true cosmopolitan. This place is one of UK’s favorable shopping destinations. It has an ancient market area which was set up between 1071 and 1074 by the Normans. Today it is one of the biggest Open air markets in UK.


Situated at the northern costal side of the Norfolk County, this place has one of the most breathtaking scenarios in the whole world. As many of the Norfolk towns, this name is also a Scandinavian origin which means ‘home of the Scira’s people’. It is also one of the most popular Coastal and countryside destination chosen by many travelers. Its award winning beaches has been the pride of the local people there.

There are great many beautiful towns, old churches, villages that you can venture out. You will find a lot more to see in this town. If you visit during the high summers, you will find the streets of Sheringham filled with bustled colorful people. In the main streets, you will come upon ample numbers of alleys leading towards hidden pubs and local shops.

In the city, there is the world renowned bird reserve of Cley, a Special Scientific interest (SSC) site. This is a see much for the birdwatchers. A few miles along the western coast is the Muckleburgh Collection, which has Britain’s largest military working equipments.

If you want to see the finest garden designs archetype of Humphry Repton then you can definitely go to Sheringham Park. The scene will offer you one of the most attractive views of woodlands with miles of countryside paths along the way. In spring time there is a striking display of floral attribute.

Of all this magical views, one of the main attractions in Sheringham is the North Norfolk Railway and of course the Sheringham station. The lively colored trains and the station building there give out a magnificent aura itself.

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Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth

The Norfolk County, England is famous for its tourist spots. Every year, this place is flooded with tourists all over the world. It is a coastal area which is dotted with enchanting beauty of nature. Apart from the crystal clear water of sea and magnificent beaches, it holds large number of natural secrets. The city of Norwich in Norfolk County too is known for its tourist attractions. However, the most well known place in this county is the Great Yarmouth.

What is Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth or Yarmouth is a coastal town in the Norfolk county. The place got its name after the River Yare, which originates in this town. Great Yarmouth is a famous since 1760 as the seaside resort. The place is also known for being the gateway to the sea from Norfolk Broads. From the historical times, this place is utilized as a fishing port. Currently it is serving the offshore rigs of oil.

Great Yarmouth is famous for two walkways and one magnificent beach. The town appears like a spit which is sandwiched between River Yare and North Sea.

Famous tourists spots in this town

As mentioned above, Great Yarmouth is flooded with number of tourist attraction. This place is visited by the nature lovers, sports lovers and tourist coming for leisure. These are famous tourists’ spots in Great Yarmouth.

Enchanting beaches: As the town is situated in the coastal area, it is obvious to have magical beaches out here. This is an ideal place to get rid of the busy and hectic schedule. People come here to soak their bodies into sun rays and to breathe the refreshing sea air. En can enjoy the vacation by swimming in the sea water and doing water surfing. The old and disabled people can also experience the charming beauty of these beaches. There are special wheel chairs designed for these people to roam around the beaches.

Visit the theme park: Great Yarmouth hosts Britain’s very own and original theme park. All the family members of every age can enjoy their time in this place. One can experience the exciting ride on landaus which is drawn by many horses. Apart from these rides, one can visit the typical village of the Norfolk County. This is not the real village, but a model village where one can see the aspects of a typical historical village.

Racing: The residents of Great Yarmouth are complete sports loving people. One can get the thrilling experience of horse, stockcar and greyhound racing. Horse racing is the biggest even in this town. Its advertisement flashes in all over the town and on the internet. This is one of the few places in the world where the horse racing takes place besides the sea shore. One can see the unique greyhound racing in this town.

Shopping: The shopping freaks also get their share of enjoyment in this town. Great Yarmouth holds a wide array of shops selling almost every item. The shopping freaks can quench their thirst for shopping at the open air markets or high end shopping malls.

The place is thus full of attractions and entertaining stuff. One can spend a memorable holiday in Great Yarmouth.

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Holidays from Norwich Airport

Holidays from Norwich Airport

Up until relatively recently those living around Norwich had very limited international travel options, although Norwich International Airport did offer package holiday flights to the Costa’s as far back as 1971, many package holiday destinations were simply not catered for, forcing local residents to make trips to other larger takeoff points such as one of London’s main airports.

Over the years that has changed considerably and now there is a huge of options when it comes to package holidays starting from Norwich. A wealth of new destinations have been added, especially over the last decade. These days it is possible to take flights to many countries saving a huge amount of time, cost, and inconvenience, on making journeys to other areas of the country to catch a flight.

There are now a number of well-known “no-frills” airlines and household name package tour operators offering a wide range of flights to many well-known and not so well known, holiday destinations.

For example First Choice and Thomson’s package trips are available to Alicante in Spain as well as Tunisia in North Africa. They also offer the possibility of holidays in Egypt, via the airport at Sharm El Sheikh, all direct from Norwich.

If Eastern Europe and its formally unknown delights are more to your taste then Balkan Holidays offers packages to Bulgaria and it is nearly undiscovered beaches. Around Christmas Canterbury Travel’s packages from Norwich include a child pleasing trip to see Father Christmas in Lapland.

If winter sun is more to your taste First Choice & Thomson can fly you away from the misery of a British winter to the Canaries and their package holiday destinations on the island of Tenerife, where you can experience the sun on your back year-round, and arrive back home refreshed sporting a January suntan.

Greece has been a popular destination from Norwich for many years and several companies offer package trips to the Greek island of Corfu and it’s lost in time feel, which is cleverly mixed with an exciting nightlife for those who want to dance the night away. Crete is another possibility, with Airtours, Classic Collection, Flexible Trips, Planet Holidays and Thomas Cook making it a premier getaway destination from Norwich.

If somewhere slightly more British is more to your taste then perhaps the Channel Islands will be of interest to you, with Premier Holidays offering packages to Guernsey and Jersey during the summer months. The unspoiled charms of the Portuguese Atlantic island of Madeira are also available from the aptly named, Atlantic Holidays.

Several companies also flying to the point where East meets West, Turkey, Airtours, Flexible Trips, Manos and Thomas Cook offer package opportunities to both Dalaman and Antalya, in this incredibly diverse and varied country.

As you can see from just this selection Norwich International airport is now very much capable of whisking package tourists to many destinations.

Take a look at what three of the major discount Package tour operators have to offer from Norwich:

Thomas Cook discount codes

Thomson discount codes

First Choice discount codes

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Norfolk Sailing Experience Day Review

Norfolk Sailing Experience Day Review

This review was written by Jason Gibson, who enjoyed his Norfolk sailing experience so much, he wanted to share his story.

Norfolk SailingMy wife and I have always wanted to sail. When we first met, over 30 years ago, we both agreed that one day, we would take to the seas, but it never happened. Until now. It was our retirement that gave us the wake call (and time) that made us both decide that it was either now, or never, that we embark upon our lifelong ambition and start sailing.

Instead of going full steam ahead, Sally sensibly decided to book us a sailing experience day in our home town of Norfolk. This was because, although we have always wanted to sail, we have never done it and neither of us were certain that we would take to it. Week long courses are very expensive, so she thought a day would be sufficient, so see if we enjoyed it or not. The cost for the one day of sailing was very reasonable, considering you get one-on-one tuition from a highly qualified and experienced instructor. It also included tea and coffee upon our arrival, mainly so we could meet our skipper and lunch was also thrown in.

The lesson took place on the Norfolk Broads in a 24 foot boat. Neil – our instructor – started off with a through safety briefing and ran through the boat and its masts. He was really approachable and friendly, and you could see how passionate he is about sailing. I was really pleased that we had landed an instructor, who wanted us to learn and was happy to be patient with us. He taught us some of the sailing terminology and how to helm and rig a sailing boat. It took me a couple of attempts to get it right, but of course Sally was also a swot, she got it first time!

The whole day was very “hands on” and we both felt that we got a lot out of our tuition. I think we made the right decision doing a day’s experience, before committing to a full course, but we have both agreed that we are hooked now. Sally and I feel far more confident now as we have a better understanding of the rules on the water, the on board equipment and we even got to practise a few knots, when on board. Taking the wheel o board, when out on the water, was amazing. It felt so natural to me and Sally said she felt the same way. Also, being outside for so long, means you get to see some beautiful landscape and really make the most of the good weather we are having at the moment.

We were very impressed with the sailing experience day because we thought it was good value for money. Neil was so friendly and knowledgeable and really made us feel like we were naturals. We have now decided to book onto a proper sailing course, so we can gain more skills. Sally has even started to look at buying our own boat, as Neil was so inspirational and was able to give us tips about what to look for when boat shopping. I would highly recommend looking into experience days for anyone who’s always had a yearning to sail, surf, fly or whatever.

And if you have always dreamed of sailing like we did, then it is a definite must, but I can also imagine it being a fun day out for people who don’t have a yearning to sail.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for NorfolkSearch.co.uk

The privacy of our visitors to NorfolkSearch.co.uk is important to us.

At NorfolkSearch.co.uk, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit kidszine.co.uk, and how we safeguard your information.  We never sell your personal information to third parties.

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Norfolk Kings Lynn

Norfolk Kings Lynn

Norfolk Kings Lynn

King’s Lynn is a medieval port located on the east bank of the Great Ouse River in Norfolk County, close to the Wash. The town is known by various names like Bishop’s Lynn, Lynn Regis but the locals generally referred the town as Lynn meaning a pool. Kings Lynn is a historical place in the Norfolk region which has an endless list of places to visit to.

History of the place

Basically the town was named as the Bishop’s Lynn as the area belonged to a bishop. The record of the place started appearing only after when St Margaret’s Church was founded by Bishop Herbert de Losinga in1101.

It became one of the major ports in England by the 14th century where the export of wool was one of the important trades then.

In the 16th century the town was completely control by the king and the town then became the King’s Lynn. The town prospered more from the 17th century with the export of corns. An architect named Henry Bell, once a mayor of King’s Lynn built the famous Custom House in 1683. He was also the brain behind Dukes Head Inn.

By 19th century there was a lot of improvement in the town, but like all towns of England King’s Lynn was struck from the dreadful plague. Later after the outbreak of the plague the town maintained a hygienic public water supply and a network of proper sewers.

By now King’s Lynn has become one of the most densely populated towns in England. It is the member of the Die Hanse of Great Britain, a modern Hanseatic League.


There are two major festivals held in summer, King’s Lynn festival and Festival Too. Festival Too is the third largest free musical festivals held in Europe. This is a mecca for most music enthusiast and it has attracted many crowds into its hive. Past performers include many famous music artists. King’s Lynn festival is basically for classical music lovers. The festival is held in many historical venues of the town and being a genre of the classical music this festival draws big names from the opera to the orchestras. Apart from these two festivals, there are also many fests on literature and poetry. The famous Guildhall held many events and it is believe that the great company belonging to Shakespeare may have staged their plays there.

The Mart which is a carnival is set up in the Tuesday Market Place for a fortnight every St Valentine’s Day. This Mart attracts many visitors each year.

If you want to see some of historical buildings in King’s Lynn, then you can visit on the Heritage day. This is the day when the historical buildings are open for the public which is of course a rare chance.


Being one of the important ports in UK, King’s Lynn has a blooming business in fishery and seafood industry. Old industries died to welcome new kind of industries in the region. The new industries that swelled up in the region include light engineering, chemicals and clothing. Tourism is also one of the important attractions there.

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Festival of the Sea Norfolk | Local Guide | Tourist Information |

Norfolk Travel Guide

Norfolk is a historical place located at the eastern costal side of the East Anglia area in England. The name Norfolk means ‘northern people’ taken from the Northern settlers of the Saxon kingdom. It is opposed to Suffolk which means southern people. Its borders are Lincolnshire in the west, Suffolk in the south and Cambridgeshire in the southwest.


Norfolk was believed to have been settled during the pre-Romanic times. This region was quite vulnerable to invasions because of its location on the east coast. There were frequent invasions from the Northern Europe and the Scandinavians. It was only in the 5th century that the region was fully controlled and established by the Angles. These regions later were divided into two parts, the North folk and the South folks and later Norfolk and Suffolk. The English settlers had a great influence on the region which can be still seen in the place’s name. Invasion did not stop right then. In the 9th century the Vikings came from the sea and attacked the region. Later the Norman Conquest mark one of the final invasions. Coming to the modern era, in 1974, Norfolk was recognized as the non metropolitan region in England.

The popularity of Norfolk owes much to its historical connection. Moreover, the geographical location adds more to its advantage. The main towns and cities included in this region are Norwich, Dereham, Cromer, Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Hun Stanton.

Its economy and occupation

The region is largely rural and the main economy is agriculture, and fishery. Being a fertile wetland, the main occupation of the Norfolk people is agriculture. Agribusiness is quite successful in this region and mostly the farming is family run business. Cereal, root crops, cattle and poultry dominates the main production scale. Being a costal area, the county has also another big occupation in fishery. This is the main livelihood of most of the people living in costal areas.


It is one of the highly chosen destinations of many travelers. The tourism industry is one of the most profits making venture and it is important to the Norfolk regions. There are about one million tourists estimated to have visited this place per year, many staying in the wide range of bed and breakfast accommodation.

The costal area is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of British Isles. The picturesque landscapes and beaches over there are quite breathtaking.

There is a network of connected lakes and rivers, locally known as the Broads, which lie in this English county. The boards have been the all time preferable boating holiday places targeted by many visitors. The scenario of the water place has been attracting all kinds of people and you will find all sorts of boats. The most eye catching is the Norfolk wherry, which is a traditionally craft cargo.

If you are a lover of historical buildings, you can visit Norwich also known as the Cathedral City. This place has magnificent historical buildings from the 12th century.


Norfolk will offer you the most exotic wildlife. For birdwatchers it is a blessing to visit the costal area where there are combinations of diverse interesting birds. Over the years birdwatchers flock into this county to see the most exquisite birds in the world. Other than birds you can also find a variety of deers.

Norfolk Cottages

Norfolk Cottages

Norfolk Holidays

Norfolk has developed into a major tourist attraction in Britain. The Broads attract nearly a million tourists each year. The tourists mainly enjoy sailing in the waterways that are rather enchanting. The unique wildlife and the beautiful gardens at the broads make it a truly versatile place that is suitable for a perfect holiday.

The gardens at the broads are especially popular with families. Besides, there are so many activities that one could choose from while holidaying at the broads. The best part of about the Norfolk Broads is that you are free to choose whatever it is that you want to do. The 125 miles of waterways provide for enough freedom to explore. You could not only enjoy freedom and privacy but also choose to explore the villages, and the markets that are located in the Broads.

Things to do on your Norfolk Holiday

Boating is one of the most popular activities with the tourists who visit the Norfolk Broads. If you on a Norfolk holiday, you mustn’t miss a chance to go boating. When you go boating, you could enjoy in a small motor boat or even hire a yacht that features 12 berths. You could hire the yacht for as long as a week. Apart from this you could also learn how to manoeuver the Canadian canoe at the Norfolk boats.

Apart from boating, you could also enjoy walking in the swampy woodlands of the broads, or you could enjoy cycling along the pathways. Fishing and bird watching are also some popular activities that you could indulge in. You could also enjoy windsurfing and painting on your Norfolk holidays.

Tourist Attraction to Visit on Your Norfolk Holiday

The windmills that are located at the Broads are magnificent both in size and form. Then, there is the steam train in which you could enjoy a leisurely trip. The Horsey Windpump is a windmill that is 4 storey high. It is made from red brick and attracts several tourists each year. From the top of the windmill, you could enjoy some enchanting views of the water. Besides, there are refreshments that are served at the windmill.

You could also visit the RAF air museum that features several of the radars that have been and are used by the Royal Air Force.

The Museum of Broads is a museum that is located by the waterside. Here you could come face to face with the incredible stories of the people of Norfolk. The museum houses displays of eel catching, rope making, thatching and the boats that were used by people earlier.

If you are looking for some more adventure, you could visit the Bewilderwood, which a place full of tree houses, jungle bridges, and zip wires. Here you could enjoy boat trips and walking in the marsh. The place is especially popular with kids.

There are several other places that you could visit when you are on a Norfolk holiday. These include several of the gardens and farmhouses.

A Norfolk holiday assures to provide you a great break from your routine. Besides, with the Norfolk Broad authority being so active and helpful, you are sure to have a refreshing Norfolk holiday.

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