Norfolk Tourist Attractions

Want to visit Norfolk? Here is a guide which will assist you with the list of tourist attractions in Norfolk. Norfolk County is the coastal town in England. The place remains flooded with tourists due to various attractions. The following list will tell you which places to visit during your stay in Norfolk.

Famous tourist attraction in Norfolk

Norfolk Broads: The Norfolk Broads are created by pouring of the digging of the ancient peat. These consist of small lakes, dykes, long rivers and large spreads of water. The broads are visited by hundreds of tourists every year. For most of the time through the year, Broads get crowded with sailing boats, motor cruisers and other smaller boats. The tourists, who want to experience the calm and enchanting beauty of the Broads, must visit this place. This is an ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate your self.

Boating: Since the place is surrounded by water body, boating is an ultimate way to enjoy this place. One can enjoy boating in Norfolk Broads or in sea water. There are various types of boats available in these areas to enjoy the water rides. You can rent a boat and ride it all by yourself; or you can hire it with a professional guide. Most of the boats are accessible to the wheelchair users as well. The boat rides will avail you with magnificent looks of the surrounding nature.



Visit Norfolk villages: There are several villages in the Norfolk town. These villages are the heritage sites in this town. One of the famous villages in Norfolk is Neatishead. This village consists of famous church of St. Peter. This church has undergone several renovations over the past few years. The church is open to all people visiting that town. The town hosts a historical mill that is still standing proudly.



Visit Barton Broad: After the Norfolk Broads, this is the second biggest broad in the town. The famous club called the Norfolk Punt club was originated in this village in 1926. The place hosts scenic beauty for its visitors.



Stalham: This is yet another historic village in this town. It is a pleasant place that holds a historical hall dating back from 1670. The village is popular for the well preserved Perpendicular Church.



Banham Zoo: Some of the best wildlife species in the country lie right here in Banham Zoo. You can see the rare and endangered species of animals in this zoo. You can enjoy exciting rides on the special road trains. The safari train passes through every part of the zoo. Here you can watch the daily activities of the animals.



Blooms of Bressingham: Norfolk hosts number of beautiful gardens. These gardens hold a large collection of some of the exotic species of flowers. One of them is Blooms of Bressingham. This garden is the collection of more than 5000 exotic varieties of flowers. The garden seems like the meadow of flowers.



Norfolk is the perfect place for relaxation. You can come here even though you are sport lover or a nature lover. There is something for everyone in this town.