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Norfolk Travel Guide

Norfolk is a historical place located at the eastern costal side of the East Anglia area in England. The name Norfolk means ‘northern people’ taken from the Northern settlers of the Saxon kingdom. It is opposed to Suffolk which means southern people. Its borders are Lincolnshire in the west, Suffolk in the south and Cambridgeshire in the southwest.


Norfolk was believed to have been settled during the pre-Romanic times. This region was quite vulnerable to invasions because of its location on the east coast. There were frequent invasions from the Northern Europe and the Scandinavians. It was only in the 5th century that the region was fully controlled and established by the Angles. These regions later were divided into two parts, the North folk and the South folks and later Norfolk and Suffolk. The English settlers had a great influence on the region which can be still seen in the place’s name. Invasion did not stop right then. In the 9th century the Vikings came from the sea and attacked the region. Later the Norman Conquest mark one of the final invasions. Coming to the modern era, in 1974, Norfolk was recognized as the non metropolitan region in England.

The popularity of Norfolk owes much to its historical connection. Moreover, the geographical location adds more to its advantage. The main towns and cities included in this region are Norwich, Dereham, Cromer, Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Hun Stanton.

Its economy and occupation

The region is largely rural and the main economy is agriculture, and fishery. Being a fertile wetland, the main occupation of the Norfolk people is agriculture. Agribusiness is quite successful in this region and mostly the farming is family run business. Cereal, root crops, cattle and poultry dominates the main production scale. Being a costal area, the county has also another big occupation in fishery. This is the main livelihood of most of the people living in costal areas.


It is one of the highly chosen destinations of many travelers. The tourism industry is one of the most profits making venture and it is important to the Norfolk regions. There are about one million tourists estimated to have visited this place per year, many staying in the wide range of bed and breakfast accommodation.

The costal area is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of British Isles. The picturesque landscapes and beaches over there are quite breathtaking.

There is a network of connected lakes and rivers, locally known as the Broads, which lie in this English county. The boards have been the all time preferable boating holiday places targeted by many visitors. The scenario of the water place has been attracting all kinds of people and you will find all sorts of boats. The most eye catching is the Norfolk wherry, which is a traditionally craft cargo.

If you are a lover of historical buildings, you can visit Norwich also known as the Cathedral City. This place has magnificent historical buildings from the 12th century.


Norfolk will offer you the most exotic wildlife. For birdwatchers it is a blessing to visit the costal area where there are combinations of diverse interesting birds. Over the years birdwatchers flock into this county to see the most exquisite birds in the world. Other than birds you can also find a variety of deers.

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