Holidaying in Norfolk: A welcome break

Once in a while many of us will think that the working life is getting us down, or at the very least it may be stressing us out, we need to get away from the pressure of work and enjoy some personal time.

Typically this is normally the key sign that we need a holiday or some time away, the trouble is that many of us will be saving our holidays for the summer when we can make the most of the weather abroad, but waiting for July may be too much for many people and so they look for smaller breaks closer to home.

The national parks and various other British tourist destinations are normally the go-to choice for the city folk looking for a break from the stresses of working life, going for relaxing nature walks or scaling one of the many mountainous regions such as the Lake District or Snowdonia.

For those who are looking for a less intensive UK Breaks then locations like Norfolk are perfect, Norfolk is home to the Norfolk Broads with their network of waterways and lakes providing the perfect backdrop for a relaxing weekend away.

There are plenty of activities and things to see in Norfolk for all ages, there are plenty of farms in the region and there are some that are tourist attractions for children to get up close and see farmyard animals such as sheep, horses and pigs. There are also plenty of bicycle hire locations which provide the best way to experience the Norfolk countryside.

For more wildlife you are spoiled for choice with three zoos in Norwich, Lowestoft and Cromer. The Banham Zoo in Norwich is highly regarded as one of the top three Zoos in the UK. With Norfolk being on the Eastern coast of the British Isles there is plenty of sea life from the North Sea and so there are a few sea life centres in Great Yarmouth and Hunstanton.

For those looking for a more extreme experience there is Extreme Adventure in Kings Lynn. It is an obstacle course with a difference: It’s up some of the tallest trees in Eastern England! A course of rope swings and ladders suspended high above the forest floor can test even the strongest stomachs and is great for families or team building events.

This may not be your cup of tea and may be looking for a more historic or culture rich break, there are many museums dedicated to the heritage of Norfolk from Industrial roots to Aviation museums showcasing some of the great RAF planes that fought in the Second World War as well as many American planes too. There are also many stately homes and gardens to enjoy should the weather be nice on the day of your visit.

Norfolk like many other rural regions has a booming tourist trade with many hotels and guest houses dotted around the area for those who have come to escape the hassles of working life. Availability of places to stay is never in short supply and people visit the region all year round. So if you’re looking for somewhere to escape to this year then Norfolk could be perfect for you

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